The Original Velvet Hammer®

The Original Velvet Hammer®

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The original Velvet Hammer roast inspired the entire Velvet Hammer brand. Since the blend's creation in 1994, this it has become European Roasterie's top-selling coffee. Sourced from multiple countries to allow for a bold and complex flavor and fresh-roasted in Le Center, Minnesota, this fan favorite will not disappoint.

Roast: Dark

Flavor: Complex, smoky, savory, milk chocolate and vanilla; sweet molasses finish

Aroma: Black currant and cherry

Origin: Blended Colombian, Guatemalan, and Sumatran Coffees

Velvet Hammer® was born of our passion for exceptional coffee. An honest, pure pursuit of coffees so good that we’re sure you’ll love them cup after cup. Humbled by the intense labor and effort made to cultivate and harvest these coffees in route to your table, we hope that you savor every sip of our coffees that come from worlds away.

Note: Any questions about your Velvet Hammer experience? Give us a shout through our contact page or emailing us here. We want to guarantee your Velvet Hammer experience is smashing.