CBD Bundle (3 CBD Roasts)

CBD Bundle (3 CBD Roasts)

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Get ready to enjoy our CBD coffee line around-the-clock with each of our three CBD roasts. Wake up with Rooster Booster, our dark morning roast with the perfect blend of CBD. Have your midday pick-me-up with Reboot, our coffee + cascara + CBD blend for the extra antioxidants to rejuvenate you and avoid an afternoon crash. Finally, power down your evening with our decaf Power Down CBD roast, with all of the relaxation and none of the caffeine boost. Each of our bags in this collection contains 300mg of CBD.

What's Included: Rooster Booster Dark Roast CBD Coffee, Reboot Medium Roast CBD Coffee + Cascara, Power Down Decaf Medium Roast CBD Coffee

Note: Reboot Medium Roast CBD Coffee + Cascara comes in ground only, not whole bean.

Roasts: Dark (Rooster Booster); Medium (Reboot & Power Down)

Origin: Blended Colombian, Guatemalan, and Sumatran Coffees

Special Additions: 300mg CBD (all three bags) + Cascara (Reboot)

It’s a new morning for Velvet Hammer®, which is designed to give you the best blend of CBD and coffee. Morning, noon, and night, we have you covered with the perfect balance of caffeine, cascara, and CBD.

What is CBD coffee?

Note: Any questions about your Velvet Hammer experience? Give us a shout through our contact page or emailing us here. We want to guarantee your Velvet Hammer experience is smashing.