Holiday Shopping - The Velvet Hammer Survival Guide


Alright, we've got a few ideas up our sleeve for the upcoming holiday season. See below for some of our favorite picks and what we're excited about sharing. 

The Velvet Hammer Ultimate Smash Bundle:

  • Best for a major coffee fan (or six regular coffee fans who want to divvy it up, we won't judge).
  • Gives you the full array of Velvet Hammer flavors, roasts, and blends.
  • Perfect for those who are curious about CBD coffee but still want the safety of their regular roasts.
  • $86 value, sold for $71.99

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The Velvet Hammer CBD Bundle:

  • Great for those who drink more than one cup of coffee a day (special CBD + additions for morning, noon, and night!)
  • For those interested in trying the positive effects of CBD (people have used it for anxiety relief, joint pain, and much more).
  • $59 value, sold for $52.99
  • Quick facts: CBD will NOT get you high, is used in FDA-approved medicines, and is 100% natural.

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The Original Velvet Hammer Blend:

  • Perfect for the person who loves classic, dark blends.
  • It's bound to be a crowd-pleaser. This has been European Roasterie's best-selling roast out of over 100 different kinds!
  • You can buy it in regular or decaf for ALL types of coffee lovers.

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Rooster Booster CBD Coffee:

  • Perfect for early risers that love to wake up with the roosters.
  • It's one of our debut CBD coffees, a delicious dark roast that has an infusion of CBD to help wake up and focus you for your day.
  • We're biased, but we think the name alone is pretty great.

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